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GAPTOOTHEDGIRL 16TH DECEMBER PLAYLIST Hello everybody, hope you’re having a stunning Tuesday!! Here is all about work, work…and more work, but finally I’m in the countdown to Christmas Holidays!!! What would be the perfect Santa playlist?? I can imagine Santa bored of all the classic Christmas songs..this is a strange alternative one… Maybe he will

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29th NOVEMBER PLAYLIST Happy Saturday everybody!! A brand new weekend with a brand new compilation. This time I choose to collect all my last favorite songs, and put them all together. I hope these days will be full of great things, I’m trying to fulfill them with a great soundtrack! Tell me if this last

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19TH NOVEMBER PLAYLIST Hello beauties! We’re in the middle of this week, and in the middle of a mess gaptoothed restyle…. I hope to write the end soon to this situation that makes me worry about, but as always, music is the answer. This is my answer to a super stressful situation, some good music

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GAPTOOTHEDGIRL 4TH NOVEMBER PLAYLIST Hello beauties, how was your Tuesday? I’m in a blue mood today, but I scheduled an entire weekend of pure relax and fun!! I think this is the side effect of this Autumn with too much rain and storms… There is one remedy that always works for me…a good song, and

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GAPTOOTHEDGIRL 18TH OCTOBER PLAYLIST Happy Saturday!! Finally the rain it’s over… Have been though days here in Genova… we’re working hard to fix our stunning cities… This playlist is my soundtrack for this sunny weekend… So many different songs from the past, and some new releases, to finish a pure gem…one of my fav songs

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