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Hello beautiful people, I’m sorry for this silence, but who follows gaptoothedgirl on Instagram knows we were in Barcelona, and the connection was really bad ;-))

A stunning place, beautiful people, a lot of sun (well, this time not so much sun, we had also some clouds above), and stunning views!

I can’t forget the smell of this city, Barcelona perfumes of sugar, and fruits, The Boqueria (3) is still one of my fav places!

It’s always hard to decide what’s the best part, but we fall in love with Barceloneta beach (1), it’s like a Miami beach mixed with Genova.

Mies Van Der Rohe (the chair, and Pavilion) is so beautiful that you can just sit down, and stay in this peaceful place for hours, we did, and was amazing.

Even laundries were amazing (2 ) this one is from Eixample neighborhood .

Tojo Ito does his best with this hotel (5) near the Fira.

Music, headphones (4) by Urbanista, Barcelona… Red…

These are some shoots, some postcards of heaven…

Did you ever been in Barcelona, what’s your thoughts??

Love, Gap.




Thanks for your comment! Love, Gap.

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